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No More Exclusions (NME)

No More Exclusions is a Black-led and community-based abolitionist grassroots coalition movement. Our organising centres the voices and experiences of children and young people who have experienced oppressive education and exclusion.  

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October 2022 Newsletter [Easy Read]

October 2022 Newsletter

From Child Q to the Manchester 10: Police Violence Against Kids. Surviving society E176 with NME, Jengba and Kids of Colour.

in 2018/2019
this is how many fixed term exclusions were given to young people in england

No More Exclusions Means:

No More Occupation

No More Dispossessing

No More Colonizing

No More Bombing

No More Apartheid

No More False Equivalence

No More Imperialism

No More Exclusions means:

No More Representation

No More Injustices

No More Unheard Voices

No More Unfulfilled Dreams

No More Trauma

No More Unaccountability

No More Unanswered Questions

No More Broken Relationships

No More Exclusions Means: No More Expulsion

(Poem by NME youth group member)



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