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CARE are calling for educators across the country to join them in creating their own videos on how they plan to teach out loud and transform the places and processes of learning they are part of, whether this be schools, universities, youth groups, trade unions or any other educational institution and workplace.



Why do we need anti-racist education?

Videos from some of the founding members of CARE

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CARE & BEA legal challenge against the new government PSHE curriculum guidance

The Tories’ New Discipline Drive Prepares Some Kids for Work and Others for Prison

The Department of Education are reviewing the PSHE Guidance

Education experts counter government attack on critical race theory

Liberate Our Classrooms - Defend Our Civil Liberties

Labour Is Abandoning the Fight for Human Rights – It’s Time to Build a Campaign to Defend Them

Education department to review English schools guidance on anti-capitalist groups

Joint Statement on 2021 Exam Cancellations and Teacher Assessments

Why I'm taking legal action against the government's new school guidelines

“Fear must change sides”: the French government targets Muslims

Judicial Review Pre-Action Letter

Statement on Department for Education Guidance on PSHE

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